A community struggle

by Bernds

How can I contribute?

You can write an article, a poem, make pictures or submit something else creative. Alternatively you can also help simply assemble the texts.

Where can I submit something?

Post your submission in the Kohlzine-thread or send it via email: kohlzine@tfwno.gf or kohlzine@protonmail.com

When is the next deadline?

We try to release it once per month so the deadlines are usually set at the middle of the month.

Do I choose the pictures for my articles?

You can choose/make them yourself if you wish to, otherwise someone else can decide for you.

What topics are suitable?

We want to limit it to KC-tier topics. But that shouldn't constrain you too much, since any topic is KC-tier with the right approach.

How do I know if my text is good enough?

As a rough measure see the already existing texts. Some are for assburgers, other are less serious. What needs to be present is at least an attempt to bring some structure into your text, since we dont want a zine made out of random thrash. E.g. Runglish or stylistic choices or grammar abuse are fine, as long as you reread your text and try to be understandable.