A Farmers Life: Part two

by Germanball

Honest Work

A glistening light dazzled Bernd as he stepped out the door. With his eyes closed, it took him a long time to get used to the light. His eyes were burning, his lips were dry and brittle, his bones hurt and he smelled of old sweat and bad breath. How long had Bernd been in his hut? Probably only a few days, but it seemed to him that months had passed since this

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first sexual experience with Dette. From then on he only left his bed to carry Dette through the hut looking for pieces of furniture he could bend her over to fuck her. “Hey, Bernd!” someone shouted to him. Slowly his vision cleared up and he began to see the old man at some distance. “Haven’t seen you in a few days. You’re busy in there, aren’t you? I think you’re planning on getting the farm back on track. Well, I’d recommend you start with the broken fence or the feral lawn. My son Hank has a lawnmower tractor in his barn that you can borrow from him if you want. I’m Walt, by the way. I guess I hadn’t really introduced myself the other day.“ Bernd, some-what overwhelmed, just said “O-Ok” for a moment before he went back into the house. He was exhausted and had a headache. The last days he had done absolutely nothing but fuck and write about it on image boards until he was banned. He really needed to do something. First of all Bernd decided to put on a pair of trousers.

Water! Bernd walked quickly towards the drinks department of the shop he was in. He took a large carrier of water and put it in his shopping basket. Soon this was full of junk food and Bernd stuffed himself on the way to the checkout, just quickly stuffing some things into his other pockets. Behind the register was a brunette girl. Bernd began to sweat more and more on the way to her, because the shop was quite