younger men talking at the fence. The container with the mown grass was full, so Bernd switched off the engine and turned the radio down. Bernd greeted briefly with a wave, which was reciprocated before he descended and began to dismantle the container. “Congratulations” Bernd heard one of them say. “Wow! Is that one of those Move Pro cam-eras? Thank you, Andy!” “No problem, buddy. They can be attached to headgear with a pointed tip. This will allow you to easily evaluate your hits the next time you shoot clay pigeons.” “Really cool. Let’s try them out a bit.” “Sorry, but I can’t today. I have to stay at the house. I’m still waiting for a new shipment of fertilizer for my Geofarm.” “Oh, that’s too bad. You’ve been getting a lot of this stuff lately. You want to grow a lot this year, huh?” “Oh yes, the harvest will certainly be fruitful. Just you wait.” The two young men said good-bye just as Bernd had finished emptying his container. The remaining one of the two now turned in his direction. “Oi, mate! Nice to meet you. Thought I was living next door to a ghost farm lately. I’m Harrison, but you can call me Harry. “ Bernd didn’t know what it was, but Harry was sympathetic to him right from the start. Maybe it was the accent. He couldn’t hear where it was coming from. But this could also have been because Harry seemed to be quite drunk. Anyway Bernd introduced himself and the two talked for quite a while. At some point Harry said goodbye and Bernd went on to mow the remaining few tracks of grass. It didn’t take long, and he was done. At the end he opened a can of energy drink and proudly looked at his work. It felt good to have done something. Bernd drove the tractor back to the neigh-boring barn. Not a second too early as it seemed, because a few meters before he arrived, the petrol ran out and Bernd had to push the monster. But that shouldn’t be a big obstacle anymore. But when Bernd arrived, he was astonished to find that the door to the barn seemed to be locked. Bernd first wanted to turn around to get a key from Hank, but then he heard a noise in the barn. He walked around the building and saw a small window. It was quite high and Bernd had to climb on a bale of hay to see through it, but this should

not be a big problem. But what Bernd got to see from there made his breath falter. Inside, a pretty girl could be spotted. Just so old that the reader won’t go to jail for it. She had red hair tied to a plait and was wearing a sweaty shirt under jeans dungarees. Bernd loved to imagine the smell. Optically she would probably have been called Tomboy if it weren’t for her longer hair and her feminine facial structure. But it wasn’t her appearance that set Bernd’s blood racing, but what she was doing in this barn. She was sitting on a heap of straw in one of the empty stables. Actually, she was lying more than sitting. Anyway, she had wiped off one of the straps of her trousers and was deep in it with her hand, where she seemed to be pampering herself in her crotch. Bernd’s pants became a little tight themselves, and when the girl also stripped off her second strap and then began to knead her chest, he couldn’t help but free his cock. When he got him out and started jerking off, all he heard was a quiet beep from Dette, who was next to him and looked up at him with interest. “Psst! Not now, Dette!” He quietly gave it back while he didn’t turn his eyes a second away from the girl in the barn. Dette looked through a gap between two wooden boards and saw the girl now too. She didn’t look like she was going to stop doing what she was doing soon. She put her shirt over her head and exposed her naked upper body. She didn’t need a bra. If Bernd had to estimate, he would have typed B, at most a small C cup. And they were pretty tight, too. When Bernd saw her naked body,